MMA Paranaesis

Don’t give up.  This doesn’t mean charging blindly into destruction or courting hardship just to prove how tough you are, but always recognizing your authentic will instead of your animal appetites and developing the first unfailingly as a means to master the other.

Use everything you have, commit, and don’t hold back. Choose wisely what you do then expend yourself fully in whatever you put your hand to. In this way, you will marshal all of your resources and develop new ones as well. Always attack.

Eliminate every vestige of passivity from your mind. Never hold back because of a fear of failure or disappointment.  Courage devours aggression because courage increases and reinforces itself while blind aggression burns out. Fortitude beats cunning in the end.

Be first. Seize the initiative. Wake up. Be alert to as much as you can.  Live with energy. Always, think in terms of winning.  Don’t just survive.  Be constantly aware of the circumstances for victory and watch for them. Close the show when the chance comes.

Prepare. Focus on technique.  Details matter.  A mastery of practicalities will produce confidence and eliminate indecision.  If your limbs are tied up, move forward with your mind until you free yourself. When you do, the power of Providence will be at your

To really live you must have courage.  Courage is a function of character. Character is a function of self-control, humility, and love. 


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