Training Equals Success in the Insurance Industry:

“Knowledge is power in the Insurance Industry,” says founder and CEO Robert Jaramillo.  “ And better-training means mores sales, higher customer retention and more referrals.”

Although sales training gets more attention, very often it’s the  “nuts and bolts” professional training about a company’s processes and internal systems that gives salespeople the comfort to prospect, present and close effectively.  Nowhere is this more the case than in the Insurance Industry.

Robert Jaramillo, a long time insurance executive from Chicago, Illinois, recently founded the eLearning company to provide vital professional education to insurance industry professionals in a simple and cost effective online video format.  I recently spoke to Robert about his new company.

“At our mission is to help insurance professionals build their books of business through world-class professional online video training,” he says, noting that his new company solves a widespread problem in the insurance field.

“The fundamental responsibility of an insurance agent is to provide the best available service to the client.  This means providing quick and accurate access to multiple quotes where appropriate.”

Unfortunately the training necessary for this level of service is a rarity in the Insurance Industry where the many carriers each have their own, sometimes byzantine, system for creating quotes. The complexity of these systems often intimidates agents and prevents them from exploring the full range of options available for their clients.

“A lack of proper training is a real handicap,” he says. “If a producer isn’t used to writing certain products, he’ll lose all sorts of cross-selling opportunities. For example: if he normally sells auto and home insurance, but is approached by a client with requests for a quote for business insurance, he won’t know how to respond or even gather the minimum information required to work on a quote if he’s untrained.  And often agents may not even be able to explain the basics of coverage to clients who are ready and able to buy. This isn’t good for the client, the agent or the agency.”  These situations cause even experienced agents professional embarrassment.

Robert goes on to say that agents will often deal with their own lack of expertise by referring clients to someone else, a practice that has risks of its own.

“When the original agent refers his client to somebody else in the agency that other agent might mishandle the client. Even worse, if they refer to an outside agent the client may end up taking all their business elsewhere.  Referring when you should be able to handle the business yourself is an unnecessary delay and complicates what could be an easy sale.”

He points out that will help fill this gap in knowledge.

“To give your client the superior service you must be able to present to them the broadest range of suitable options. You should know who provides the finest coverage plans, the lowest prices, the best claims practices, and responsive customer service.

Learning different underwriting guidelines, product highlights, and software systems ensures you will be able to quote all necessary carriers and provide the best options for the insured. This improves all aspects of your business: new business, renewals and endorsements. You will capture opportunities instead of losing them.”

Robert expects insurance professionals to embrace the growing library of online video tutorials at and he thinks the service his company offers will be soon be the go-to resource for training systems in the industry.

“There’s no downside to better trained agents,” he concludes. “Clients will get better service and coverage, agents will build larger and more profitable books of business, and agencies will know their policies are being presented correctly and confidently in today’s competitive insurance market.”

Check out the website at and follow them on Linkedin where you can even request a customized series of video tutorials. is an e-teaching company that helps insurance carriers, independent brokers and agents increase production and customer satisfaction through world-class online training solutions.

To succeed as an insurance professional you must present and discuss multiple forms of coverage from different carriers and fully accommodate each prospect’s needs. Too often agents only sell one or two product lines using the single carrier whose system they’ve learned; not due to a poor work ethic or lack of sales ability, but because they can’t access the necessary training to achieve technical proficiency with other systems and other products. This is an industry-wide problem and results in substantial lost sales and dwindling books of business as cross-selling opportunities and new business escape to the competition. offers the solution by providing Insurance’s only online professional training and continuing education tools that are focused on internal systems and sales processes. These cost-effective videos are easy to use and can powerfully boost sales. also helps carriers quickly track and respond using precise, real-time data that demonstrates where demand for their products is trending in the marketplace.

Independent brokers can now have the benefits of world-class, in-house training at a fraction of what it would cost to maintain a full-time training staff.

Stop letting your business go to the competition. Better training means more choice for clients and more choice means more sales, better satisfied customers and higher retention. To schedule a free consultation and see for yourself how a modest commitment to online training can skyrocket your business visit the AidmyAgency Website today.

Entrepreneurial Chef Magazine

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Here is some sound advice offered in recent issues:

“The best advice I can give entrepreneurs hoping to be great chefs is to pour your values and personal experiences into your cooking. This will help you identify a signature style that’s unique to you.”

Robert Irvine, Celebrity Chef

“You don’t have to go and spend the money on a brick and mortar store to find out if you have a great product.” 

Rich Rosendale, Certified Master Chef

“Financial capital is what many of us want, but human capital can often help you get there. The Quality human relationships you build today can be a path maker to your entrepreneurial goals”

Anna Dolce, TEDx Speaker & Restaurant Expert

“It’s obviously good to analyze risks, but sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and just go for it.”

—Stephanie Izard, Celebrity Chef

“The basic thing is to have an obsession with one thing and to combine that obsession with sheer doggedness.”

—Michael Ruhlman, Award-Winning Chef Author & TV Personality

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