Have Courage.

Courage in the face of solitude, which is to say fearless before your own mind, 

Courage in the face of error, which is to say facing complexity undaunted,

Courage in the face of age, which is the death of expectation, 

Courage in the face of poverty, which is to say unyielding to disgrace,

Courage in the face of disappointment, which means always trying hard,

Courage in the face of other people, which is to be strong enough to love. 

Abraham Lincoln 1863: Photo by Alexander Gardner [Public domain]

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Home Office

The color Red,

Three quarters of a golden circle,

A cardboard rectangle that’s black.

A plastic cube,

A desk,

A wall,

A patch of dirt.

The place where my kid drew a line.

My thoughts scattered around

In little black books and

Outside is the tremendous Green.

In a corner the plastic table

Where he likes to eat his lunch.


When the spirit takes him

He climbs on top

And sings.

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Adam Considers Nature After The Fall

I owe the fish no mercy

When I have him in my net,

The swift bird no honesty

When I trap her  in my snare.

Rivals by necessity

Of the long entropic slide,

Our only law Advantage,

Each killing to eat and breed.

So, what use does it serve me,

This feeling beneath the Sky?

A chorus near forgotten,

Yet ever the soul asserts.

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Four Haiku From Our Time In Atlanta


A White Blossom quivering,

How windy it is.

I hope the birds can keep warm.


Not so much brown as ochre,

The grass slowly dies.

At least I’ll not have to mow.


Posters above the sofa,

My wife hung them there.

Souvenirs from Virginia.


Red and green and blue and pink

Plastic balls scattered.

So much joy for a dollar.

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If you do my little deals then I’m for the Free Market,

but if you ignore me I’ll call for the Guillotine.

I’ll work hard at something every day until I die.

I’ll never be one to break.

No social class deserves my allegiance.

My society is what I can feel.

When I enter a room it is to the sound of a fanfare

only I can hear.

My words are few  because I always think clearly.

I am an ideology of one.

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