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The Uses of Money Newsletter explores business, technology and culture from the perspective of the people and organizations that are building the future. It’s by, about and for decision makers. Distributed online and via direct email it reaches an exclusive global list of the very top entrepreneurs, c- suite executives, big league investors and technologists as well as top journalists, celebrities and cultural influencers, around the world. Our mission is to provide readers with a weekly bolt of cogency to light up the dark skies of information overload.

Here is a preview of our upcoming debut series plus what else is in store for the rest of 2018.

Upcoming Series:

Blockchain Deciphered: What is Blockchain and how big of an advance is it? Supporters say it’s a paradigm shift that is going to change very foundations of society. Or is it an overblown shell game that’s a playground for charlatans, thieves and worse? This four part series surveys the top thinkers in Blockchain, examines arguments from its biggest critics and explores important aspects of this giant technological and cultural phenomenon that have been largely ignored by the popular press:

  1. Post Truth or Post Trust: Blockchain is emerging in tandem with a widespread collapse in confidence for societal institutions and political processes. Will Blockchain help fix problems of fragmentation and inequality or make them worse? Who are the cyberpunks? What is an anarchocapitalist? What does it mean to trust in code?
  2. Is Knowledge Still Power: The internet has decimated the average economic value of information by radically increasing access. Will Blockchain do the same for financial capital? If so, what are the potential consequences to society?
  3. Competition or Collaboration: Decentralization is Holy Grail of Blockchain technology. How far can this trend advance? Can organizations really work without leaders or centralized authority? If Blockchain is a democratizing force why do only 4 percent of addresses own 95 percent of the Bitcoin in the world?
  4. Risk and Revolution: The flood of money into Cryptocurrencies has awakened regulators around the world. Does the danger to investors of unregulated markets outweigh the benefits of an exciting new business model? Who is doing the best work in Blockchain? Who are the scamsters? How can you tell the difference? What will it look like in 10 years?

Other Series coming in 2018:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Robotics
  • The Industry of War
  • Healthcare and Technology
  • Hollywood Redux
  • The Internet of Things

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