Introducing Plum Dragon Herbs.

I’m happy to announce I’m now representing an exciting new company in Natural Healing and Holistic Wellness Industry. Manufactured in the United States, Plum Dragon Herbs products combine the natural effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicine with the safety and dependability of western manufacturing technique  for trauma injury and pain management.   Stay tuned for some major announcements concerning Plum Dragon Herbs and their exciting place in this fast growing market.

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Introducing Entrepreneurial Chef Magazine

I’m happy to announce I’m working with an exciting new media company in one of the most enthusiastic and lucrative niches around.

Entrepreneurial Chef Magazine is a multi-platform digital title with a simple mission; to help aspiring food entrepreneurs build and grow successful businesses.

The title targets and inspires culinary and hospitality students and professionals at all stages of their careers with ideas, inspiration, and actionable advice.

Each issue features highly successful food entrepreneurs as they share their journey, lessons, and advice in a way never captured before.

Celebrity chefs, master chefs, and restaurateurs such as Robert Irvine, Stephanie Izard, Michael Ruhlman, Art Smith, Elizabeth Falkner, Ferdinand Metz, Rich Rosendale, Daryl Shular, Kevin Boehm, & Rob Katz discuss topics such as establishing a culinary influence, funding entrepreneurial ventures, building personal brands, financial management, digital & social media marketing, upcoming trends, growth strategies, and much more.

Here is some sound advice offered in recent issues:

“The best advice I can give entrepreneurs hoping to be great chefs is to pour your values and personal experiences into your cooking. This will help you identify a signature style that’s unique to you.”

Robert Irvine, Celebrity Chef

“You don’t have to go and spend the money on a brick and mortar store to find out if you have a great product.” 

Rich Rosendale, Certified Master Chef

“Financial capital is what many of us want, but human capital can often help you get there. The Quality human relationships you build today can be a path maker to your entrepreneurial goals”

Anna Dolce, TEDx Speaker & Restaurant Expert

“It’s obviously good to analyze risks, but sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and just go for it.”

—Stephanie Izard, Celebrity Chef

“The basic thing is to have an obsession with one thing and to combine that obsession with sheer doggedness.”

—Michael Ruhlman, Award-Winning Chef Author & TV Personality

Entrepreneurial Chef Magazine is quickly becoming a must-read within the industry! And you can be involved with this cutting edge new title allowing you to better reach our audience of culinary and hospitality students, professionals and food entrepreneurs!

To get started please contact for more information about sponsorship packages and custom partnership opportunities.

Sponsor The Great Fedor Emelianenko

In Boxing it’s Ali, in Hockey the great Wayne Gretzky, in Golf Jack Nicklaus, Basketball it’s Jordan. In the young sport of Mixed Martial Arts the name that stands above all others as a symbol of excellence and success is that of Fedor Emelianenko.

Undefeated for the first a decade of his career and still boasting one of the best records in the sport, Fedor is the perfect balance of strength, speed, durability and skill. A heavyweight that moves like a lightweight and who can knock down a wall with either hand, he’s also one of the smartest submission fighters in the game. There’s no place a fight can go where he cannot achieve victory.

Fedor is making his triumphant return to the ring on June 24th in NYC at Bellator 180 against the dangerous Matt Mitrione. The event will be live on Pay Per View and is sure to be the biggest show for Bellator since media giant Viacom acquired the promotion in 2011.

If you would like to be involved with Fedor’s historic return to the ring then explore the bespoke sponsorship opportunities that are currently available to approved marketing partners.

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