MMA Paranaesis

Don’t give up. This doesn’t mean charge blindly into destruc­tion or court hard­ship just to prove how tough you are, but always rec­og­nize your authen­tic will instead of your ani­mal appetites and develop the first unfail­ingly as a means to mas­ter the sec­ond. Use every­thing you have, com­mit and don’t hold back. Choose wisely what you do then expend your­self fully in what­ever you put your hand to. In this way you will mar­shal all of your resources and develop new ones as well. Always attack. Elim­i­nate every ves­tige of pas­siv­ity from your mind. Never hold back because of a fear of fail­ure or dis­ap­point­ment. Courage devours aggres­sion. This is because courage increases and rein­forces itself while blind rage burns out. For­ti­tude beats cun­ning in the end. Be first. Seize the ini­tia­tive. Wake up. Be alert to as much as you can. Live with energy. Always think in terms of win­ning. Don’t just sur­vive. Be con­stantly aware of the cir­cum­stances for vic­tory and watch for them. Close the show when the chance comes. Pre­pare. Focus on tech­nique. Details mat­ter. A mas­tery of prac­ti­cal­i­ties will pro­duce con­fi­dence and elim­i­nate inde­ci­sion. If your limbs are tied up, move for­ward with your mind until you free your­self. When you do, the power of Prov­i­dence will be at your back. To really live you must have courage. Courage is a func­tion of char­ac­ter. Char­ac­ter is a func­tion of self-control, humil­ity and love.