The Jab

The knowledge that you can knock a man out with one punch, that however far behind you fall in the fight, you can still pull it out with one shot can be dangerous in a fighter. It can lead to passivity in the early rounds and letting a match slip away. The Jab is different.  The Jab is commitment. The Jab is steady. The Jab is knowledge. The Jab is technique. You take control with the Jab. It makes life easy in the ring. The Jab is fundamental. The Jab sets up the bigger, more impressive shots. The Jab is simple. The Jab is your most important punch.    

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Freedom, Democracy and Mass Hysteria

By Donovan Craig

His job was to stand at the front door and do crowd control. They told him to keep the riff raft out and to make sure the crowd was the “right mix. He put a little rope across the entrance so that there was one level of separation between him and the people that wanted to get in. The rope added authority and made it seem less personal when he declined entrance to someone.  He developed a method of eyeing people up and down, ceremoniously detaching the rope to let them in before hooking it back and examining the next person. 

 Starting about 11:30 pm is when the crowds would start to really build up.  The bigger the crowd the pickier he’d become. As the crowd grew, the people on the wrong side of the rope would offer him money to get in. On a good night, and if he played his cards right, he could make more in 30 minutes than the bar paid him for the whole weekend.  The trick was to act like he was doing the people a favor by taking their money. 

He was a dealer in status.  He took it away by the way he treated them on one side of his little rope and then sold it back to them when he unhooked it and let them in.  

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