is an e-teaching company that helps insurance carriers, independent brokers and agents increase production and customer satisfaction through world-class online training solutions.

To succeed as an insurance professional you must present and discuss multiple forms of coverage from different carriers and fully accommodate each prospect’s needs. Too often agents only sell one or two product lines using the single carrier whose system they’ve learned; not due to a poor work ethic or lack of sales ability, but because they can’t access the necessary training to achieve technical proficiency with other systems and other products. This is an industry-wide problem and results in substantial lost sales and dwindling books of business as cross-selling opportunities and new business escape to the competition. offers the solution by providing Insurance’s only online professional training and continuing education tools that are focused on internal systems and sales processes. These cost-effective videos are easy to use and can powerfully boost sales. also helps carriers quickly track and respond using precise, real-time data that demonstrates where demand for their products is trending in the marketplace.

Independent brokers can now have the benefits of world-class, in-house training at a fraction of what it would cost to maintain a full-time training staff.

Stop letting your business go to the competition. Better training means more choice for clients and more choice means more sales, better satisfied customers and higher retention. To schedule a free consultation and see for yourself how a modest commitment to online training can skyrocket your business visit the AidmyAgency Website today.

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