Abjure the Collective

Exercise moderately and consistently. Think clearly. Articulate your thoughts precisely in writing. Commit at least one novel thought to the page a day. Exhort and uplift always. Don’t assume the world is one way or another. Be alert to what is happening right now in front of you. Notice beauty. Acclimatize your mind to focus, expenditure, and relaxation. Understand what frightens you and annihilate that fear. Live without guilt. The only Sin is betrayal. Pay no allegiance to any institution. Disdain political propaganda and marketing rhetoric of all kinds. Love your fellow man and look for the good in him but always be aware of his cunning. Be generally benevolent and prudently cautious. Pray continuously. Develop the capacity for aggression, diligence of intellect, and will. Relate to your life as an artist does to his work; as an object of creation. Your loyalty is to God, your family, and to Virtue. Abjure the collective.






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