Memory and Imagination

” You sense that time moves only for­ward, steadily from point to point; never stop­ping or going back­ward. But this is not so. In fact, the past, present and future, per­haps all pos­si­ble pasts, presents and futures exist simul­ta­ne­ously and are around you now.

And yet you are only aware of the present which, because by the time you are aware of some­thing it is already in the past, is so infin­i­tes­i­mal and fleet­ing as to be non exis­tent. So real­ity, as you expe­ri­ence it, is made up of your rec­ol­lec­tions about the past and expec­ta­tions about the future. Per­cep­tion then, is a con­ver­sa­tion between mem­ory and imag­i­na­tion.”   Page 4 Mem­oirs of the Uni­ver­sal Man –Vol­ume One by Dono­van Craig

Memoirs of The Universal Man Cover