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Fedor and Priest

After The Fall or Chasing Fedor in Moscow

Luzhniki A giant statue of Vladimir Lenin, the father of the Russian Revolution stands in the courtyard of the massive Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow. The statue gazes out across the black Moscova River and onto the city it names. The stadium, which was originally dubbed the Central Lenin Stadium when it was built for the […]

Toquinho with Cross

Beauty, Honor and Struggle

Beautiful People As you move south of the equator, so too does the focus of male sexual attention. Unlike the American cultural obsession with large breasts, Brazilian women pride themselves on the tone and shapeliness of their behinds. The ideal of feminine beauty is also different: darker, athletic, and more authentically sexual. Where the US […]

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The Fighting Life


Team Quest – for Fight! Magazine

  About 50 miles north of San Diego on Highway 15, right in the middle of Southern California’s wine country, is a nondescript building next door to a ballet studio. This is Team Quest’s California MMA training center and on any given day you are likely to find several of the most talented fighters in […]

Craig vs Rogers 2

On The Utility of Struggle and The Art of Rising

 MOTORCYCLE HILL “You must make friends with suffering!” Greg Jackson shouts to a group of about 15 professional fighters and one aging, but aspiring, participatory journalist as we all struggle up a diabolically steep and absurdly huge sand dune on the outskirts of Albuquerque, NM. I’d arrived the day before for a two-week crash course […]


Angles or Meeting Pat Miletich

The quick, rhythmic pop, pop, pop of punches hitting mitts echoes through Pat Miletich’s training center in Bettendorf, Iowa. UFC fighting legend and master trainer Pat Miletich is working the pads with one of his students. Pat begins to mix it up, circling, trying to get the guy used to movement. The old fighter’s physical […]

Team Photo

Dreams and The Proper Distance or Getting Real at AKA

 Team Meeting Any one who has spent a lot of time in fight gyms will recognize their familiar smell: of stale sweat, wet leather and something vaguely reminiscent of urine, (the imported leather, which finds its way into a lot of training gear, is treated with cow urine overseas.) Although it’s not a pleasant smell, […]


The Moral Of The Story

 The Mayhem Show Some people are just blessed with more energy than the rest of us, I think as I watch my friend Jason” Mayhem” Miller at his manic best whipping up the crowd of screaming fans on the set of his hit show Bully Beatdown, I’ve been here two days at the invitation of […]

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